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The Easiest Way To Sell Any Products Or Services!

"How To Create Advertising
That Sells Using A Simple Blog
And Free Articles"


From: the laptop of Joe Okoro
Lagos, Nigeria
June 28th, 2.35pm

I'm Joe, a Pro blogger and prolific writer. I'm an ordinary guy who over time, gradually learned how to use free articles posted on simple blogs to move massive amounts of both physical and information products to the end users.

I have a good understanding of how to exactly target any audience in any particular market and sell any product to them without a face to face meeting using the power of the Internet.

Blogging is my passion. I have 3 blogs that I manage. One of them makes a 7 figure income per month, the other two, each of them brings in a healthy 6 figure income per month.

Many people do not fully understand the incredible power of a blog, the leverage and authority it can give to anyone who employs it to his advantage.

How To Leverage The Power Of Simple Blogs

Today, and on this page, I'm going to reveal exactly how to use a simple blog to market any products or services and explode your revenues.

And this can be done by anyone. Whether you have a product or not, you can make incredible amount of money using blogs to market, brand or promote any product or services on the internet.

Unfortunately, most corporate organisations in Nigeria are yet to understand the power of this system, and that is the advantage you have over them because you just stumbled onto this page.

If big organisations have the secret revealed on this page, there won't be need to employ marketers to go out in the field to source for clients, they will just get the clients themselves working from the comforts of their offices.

Fortunately for you, these companies with very deep pockets, do not have the slightest idea how to use this simple, yet very powerful online tool to dominate their market place.

But you do, because I will reveal the exact concept of how to create successful advertising using the power of simple blogs right here on this page.

The Concept Of Using Blogs To Sell - A Real Life Story!

I'm using my real life story to explain the concept of blogging here.

On one of the days I took my mother (now late) to the hospital to see a doctor at one of the teaching hospitals; before each patient sees the doctor, a dietician comes forward to teach the waiting patients how to eat healthy so that those who have diabetes and hypertension can change and maintain a new lifestyle that will guarantee a longer life while living with these diseases.

The dietician was actually teaching his audience how to eat local Nigerian foods that are healthy; and which foods to avoid etc.

I noticed 5 thing that I love about his presentation...

Number One, the dietician was proficient and armed with very good information on healthy living. He provided an abundance of value through the life changing lecture he gave to his audience.

Number Two, he spoke like an authority and had complete control of the audience attention throughout his delivery. I mean he was able to capture and hold the attention of his audience for as long as the talk lasted.

Number Three, he made provisions for questions on the subject he discussed so that anyone could come up and ask. And many people did ask questions that I even benefited from the answers given by the dietician.

Number Four, at the end of the free lecture, he recommended a healthy milk (Skimmed milk) for the obese, diabetic and hypertensive people and Cocoa drink which he happens to bring to the venue. He told his audience that this is the best type of food for them.

Number Five, almost 50% of his audience bought the product he brought to the doctor's waiting room. There were about 63 persons and 31 people bought the product he brought without the dietician making any persuasive effort to convince them to buy.

The true life scenario above is exactly how profitable blogging is done online.

So in a nutshell, profitable blogging is...

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